Monday, February 19, 2007

The Competition

Hello everyone, I am the scribe for today. This morning's math class was a spare period, due to the fact that Mr. K was in the library with the junior high kids. So, students were either in the library or in the cafeteria, and not in the hallways. The afternoon class started out with Mr. K explaining to us that Tuesday's class will also be a spare, because Mr. K will still be working with the junior high kids in the library. Mr. K then explained that the circular functions test will be moved to Wednesday, because Tuesday's class is cancelled, which was the circular functions test day. After Mr. K finished speaking to the class about the outlook for the next few days, he began the last of the math dictionary notes. Although the math dictionary notes were not to be copied in class, instead it was discussed in class that the math dictionary notes were going to be displayed on the blog, which is posted just below this scribe blog, to copy. So instead of using time up for math dictionary notes, Mr. K had assigned a group review, although it was more like a competition, and the winning group was going to be able to use the smart board, or more like be able to "play on the smart board". The review, made up of graphing questions, had two types of questions, one type gave the graph and you were to come up with the equation in sine and cosine, and the second type of answers were the type in which the equation was given and you were supposed to make the graph. The review questions and answers are in Mr. K's blog post just below this scribe blog. All in all the class went very well and the review, I suspect was very helpful. Before I forget, Mr. K explained that on a graph you should know... The Domain, Range, Roots, Amplitude, Period, and the Y-intercept. Do not forget that Mr. K added links on his blog post two blog posts down from this scribe post, to help review for the circular function test. Remember to review your notes and study for Wednesday's test on circular functions, and fill out the rest of your math dictionary with the math dictionary slides Mr. K posted.

Tomorrow's scribe will be.......Craig

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