Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If I Only Had a Smart Board...

Hello, I am Bertman and I scribe for today. I like to announce to everyone happy valentines day and just for points a special shout out to the next scribe Jojo. Ok now to business.

Well in today’s class surprisingly enough when I got there Ricky was writing something on the board. Which was strange since Mr. Kuropatawa was not writing on the board because I was expecting a lot of notes. After O Canada, and a moment of silence, Mr. Kuropatawa, explains the tragedy that is the smart board.

The smart board unfortunately is not set up at the moment, because surprisingly enough, there are 4 smart boards at the school and they spent all night doing one smart board which unfortunately is down stairs, and his smart board is all the way upstairs and you get the picture right.

Well after that Mr. K talked about Tim-Math-y and his wonderful scribe post. And about a question that popped into Tim-Math-y’s mind about how to make wonderful graphs on the blog. That was solved by clicking this, this and this, on the smart board but unfortunately he didn’t have a smart board so we can’t click this, this and this. He also gave a shout to Ricky and John D. (who was thought to be absent) for helping Tim-Math-y with his scribe post that night.

Next thing I knew, we were talking about Well I don’t know what is but Mark and Mr. K were talking about some site that can link to our blog with tags that Mr. K can put on at that very moment by doing, this, this and this… But Mr. K unfortunately does not have a smart board at the moment so he can not do that. But he did mention that you can sign up for a account, it’s free and if you want to tag anything you tag it to pc40sw07 so it will show up on our blog. He also mentioned about this online graphing tool on the blog. Which is this.

Afterwards, Mr. K. started talking about the Scribe Hall of Fame. In which he would love to show us in class but unfortunately, the smart board wasn’t set up… etc. But most recently, Vincent has been inducted into this prestige area by Mr. K himself but suffice to say that he will not do it again. Instead, he wants us, the students and teachers to have a vote on it, in other words a majority vote on it. We had a thickening debate about this among the class which was comprised of the three sides of the classroom funny enough. It was against KasiaW, who represented the left side of the class, Lauressa, who represented the center of the class and Danny who represented the right side of the class. It lasted until we had a majority vote upon it against how many votes we should have in order for a scribe to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The number that we decided after a fierce vote was 9 votes but it also must be a majority student vote. That means teachers can only have at least 4 votes or less casted in order for the scribe to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Afterwards we answered Ricky’s question on the board that was on yesterday’s late homework. It was answered pretty easily actually. In the question you were given y= -5cos(2pix+pi)+2. To solve this you had to put the number into standard form (DABC) by factoring the 2pi. Afterwards, you solve DABC, graph the equation and your done

Then afterwards we wrote in our Math Dictionary.


Mr. K then mentioned that we are going to write more notes in our Math Dictionary tomorrow for first class and have a pre-test for second class.

Woo.. Well that’s what happened in class today, I hope I was a good scribe, It’s my first time and I hope I lived up to the expectations of the experienced scribers out there. and also a reminder to Jojo that your tomorrows scribe. All right…. Peace Out Yo. Later


Tim_MATH_y said...

good job with the images in the math dictionary, and good job overall

Jojo Rocks said...

I didn't know you had it in you Albert, great post.

Grey-M said...

Nicely done Bert. The notes were done exceptionally well.

aichelle s. said...

great post indeed

Lani said...

Hi Bertman,
Your title definitely pulled me to read your scribe! The links to your classmates are a nice touch and I really appreciated your math dictionary notes, very well done!

How's the smart board coming?


MrSiwWy said...

Hey bert, I forgot to come back to this and vote for hall of fame. I remember when I first read it, I was easily impressed with your articulation and concise expression of what happened that class. Hall of fame worthy