Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, i came into this AP Pre-Cal class expecting the worse from hearing all the comments from past/former students. Unfortunately it's not half as bad as i was being told. Saying that, its only been the first 2 weeks of this course. Our first unit, Circular Functions started off alright, until we were given the angle measures and exact values in a unit circle i told to memorize it, surprisingly i did that and it also happen to be the easiest thing of the whole unit. Most of everything in this unit was review except for converting and obvisouly the radians. The hardest thing for me would of had to been the "GRAPHING", though that's nothing new never really understood it.
as for how well i think I'm going to do on the test, we can just say I'm not very good when it comes to anything that goes by the names of: Test, Exam, or Quiz.

Good luck to everyone... (spiritually)

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