Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scribe's Scribbles

Sorry guys, its kinda late. Took a while to figure out the graphs.

Finally, I get a chance to scribe. After being a victim of technology for the first couple of weeks and then having to deal with some postponed classes, I can finally write a half-descent scribe.

Well.. where should I begin? I guess the beginning of class would be a reasonable place. I walked into class only to see Mr. K. playing with his new favourite toy, actually I think he was just setting it up for the day's lesson, but we all know he loves to use it. Then,
Mr. K. handed out part two of "The Test of Doom" (Chris). This consisted of two measly questions that represented the graphing portion of the unit test. However, once the test started those two questions seemed to get a little less 'measly' and a little more difficult (or at least it seemed that way, most people used the whole 15 minutes and were rushing at the end).

After those few minutes of tension, the room became its friendly self once again as
Mr. K. pulled the Blog up on the Smart Board, and starting a discussion about BOBs (Blogging on Blogging; see the pc40sw07 Blog). The talk of BOBs went something like this:

1) BOBs are to be done BEFORE the test (preferably 2 days before)
2) The purpose of the BOB is to help us see how we've improved
and show some of the things we need to improve on.
Mr. K. needs us to post BOBs (preferably 2 days before) so that
he can help us in areas we have problems with before the test.
4) Finally, Mr. SiwWy posted a very good BOB because of the way
he reviewed each of the mnemonics we learned in this unit.

Then we were interrupted briefly by Mr. Magnusson (sorry if the spelling is wrong) to see if the Smart Board was working okay and ask if Mr. K. had any problems with it. It basically was a chance for Mr. K. to show off his prize possession once again.

Following that, we entered our new unit,
Transformations. Basically it has to do with Functions (not only Trig. Functions) and how they can be transformed. For example, if you are given the functions f(x)=sin(x) and g(x)=sin(x-2):

What is the difference? Well, f(x) is the same as g(x), except that g(x) is shifted 2 units to the right. Therefore g(x)=f(x-2).

This also works for any other function. For example, if you are given the functions f(x)=(x)^2 and g(x)=(x-2)^2:

What is the difference? Well, f(x) is the same as g(x), except that g(x) is shifted two units to the right. Therefore g(x)=f(x-2).

Now, both of these examples used a "phase shift" which adds to the x-coordinates. However, I could have used the sinusoidal axis or "vertical shift" which adds to the y-coordinates. Actually any of the parameters from the formula:
could have been used. But since we are not only using Trig. Functions anymore, we can generalize this formula to:
The other parameters, A and B will probably be learned tomorrow (Stretches).

Then Mr. K. gave us a couple questions, but they were in the form of a COMPETITION. Once again we had people racing up to the front of the room with arms outstretched and shoulders rubbing together to write on the Smart Board. Both occasions ended up with each of the participants with a marker in their hand, so Mr. K. had to declare the winner almost by photo-finish (JoJo). However, there is no need to post these questions in my Scribe post because Mr. K. has a Smart Board!
and that was pretty much the class. Just a reminder, Exercise 7 is homework (for those who haven't finished it already), as well as questions 11-15 on Exercise 8.

"Go out and commit random acts of kindness!" -Mr. K.

Goodnight everyone, I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, Almost Forgot, THE NEXT SCRIBE IS...



aichelle s. said...

totally love it. the graphics and all. and the COLOUR =) woo go Craig good scribe!!!

Ricky said...

Wow.. Random act of kindness. hahaha. It's such a pretty scribe. Hahah. Now.. Where have I seen that scribe title before.. It's so nostalgic....

e said...

Hi Craig,

Did you already commit a random act of kindness for the day?

Here is a challenge for you. You wrote that the graph of g(x)=sin(x-2) is that of sin(x) shifted two units to the right. Can you explain to me why that's the case?

VincentR said...

Good job Craig! That was pretty much everything we had that class!

«Craig» said...

Sorry e, I haven't been at my computer since Thursday night. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, the reason that g(x)=sin(x-2) is sin(x) except shifted 2 units to the RIGHT is because in the standard form of the sin or cos graph the value of "c" or the phase shift is subtracted from x [f(x)=AsinB(x-C)+D]. Therefore if the graph is shifted two units to the right (positive), then the result will be (x-2) because you are subtracting two from x. Thanks for the challenge.

e said...

No worries, Craig. Life is busy, I know. Ok, your answer is pre-calcy correct. Yay. However, I had in mind a different kind of explanation, like a little sister kind of explanation. Do I sound like a teacher? You give me an answer and I ask for another answer. I think one should always try to explain things so that the people who haven't studied the subject could understand it. That way you explain it both to yourself and them, and you can be certain that you both got it.