Sunday, February 11, 2007

Muddiest point..

Alright so for this weekend's muddiest point I encountered problems with question 15 on exercise 5. I also don't understand on question 3 why it is just
k(pi) and not written as 2k(pi). Also do you always have to put +- in front of the answers or do you always put 2k(pi)? My last question is for 14. I had figured it out with my calculator in degrees to 5.173. The answer is 51.73, but this is the answer with my calculator in radians. From the question, how are you supposed to know if your calculator is supposed to be in degrees or radians? So that's my muddiest point, comment this to help or add your own muddiest point.


John D. said...

Seconded. I don't get 14 and 15 either, and 16 too.

VincentR said...

Kasia, I'm having the same trouble. However, for number 3, I think that it is k pi because it is implying all multiples of pi such as pi, 2 pi, etc. For some reason, I got 510.5 blah blah. I don't know why. I got 130 divided by 0.4 = 325 radians. Then, I'm stuck. I got stuck in 15 and 16 too.