Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Wow... The bob. The blog before the test... *gulp... Ah test. It's been that long already.. Ahh... This class has been getting faster and faster by the day. Hahaha. And it's all thanks to Mr. K. Awesome. Hahaha. Ohhh Can't Wait. I'm so scared.. Hahaha. Well anyways. The highlight of the class right now is the Smart Board. And how it has incorporated our learning to a whole different level. We can learn and read the blog at the same time... Oh wait were already doing that.. Hahaha. But seriously, the smart board has turned the class upside down and right side up. It has taken this course into a whole new mode of learning with a lot of interacting.
For the class so far I say that I'm doing alright. Minus the Homework blunders and the super secret surprise quizzes that are being put out. I'll say that Math for me is still on the bright side. Haha. Yet I still get confsed sometimes on the most basic question with concepts that I should of learned a long time ago. Ha Ha Ha.
Something cool in the class is of course the SMART BOARD. Ahh read the paragraph above if you don't really understand it.. It can really incorporate learning to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. A moment of clarity... woo had to be ... DABC. Haha. It really helps on creating sin/cos graphs. It gives important options and makes graphing easier in more ways than 1. In the real world.. PIE is everywhere. Hahaha. MmmMmm cherry Pie. Hahaha Well anyways. Haha
Well Good luck on the test tomorrow everybody. Studying anyone??

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