Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Transformations Video Lesson

Craig emailed me. I recorded this video minutes afterwards. It's taken me a while to compress it and get it published online. This is the first time I've ever done this. I learned a few things I would do differently to improve it next time. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. ;-)

I tried to collapse the better part of two classes into this 16 minute, 20 second video. After watching this you should be able to do almost all the questions in exercises #8 and #9.

Two things: For some reason the video is about 12 seconds ahead of the audio. Also, at one point I misspoke and described y=f(-x) as a reflection over the x-axis. That's not right, it's a reflection over the y-axis. Everything else I said about that transformation is correct.

Here's the Google video ...

A lot of the video quality was lost. There's a better (not best) version here. Click that link to see a much better quality video.

A nice thing about video ... you can [pause] [rewind] [repeat] as often as you like until you "get it." Nonetheless, feel free to ask questions ... in the comments to this post or when I see you on Monday.

You may also find these links helpful ...

All about vertical reflections

And you can find a tutorial and interactive java applet here to review and learn all about vertical and horizontal stretches, compressions and reflections.

Let me know which link you liked the best. ;-)


Ricky said...

Hurray!! Math in a nutshell. ha ha ha. Hurray for Mr. K. A video podcast has never sounded so sweet since Mr. K has disappeared from the classroom. It's really great on how you imputed this into our learning using current technology. It actually helps too. I now sort of get on how to actually do the exercises after hearing it once. The video podcast also implies a different sense of learning because I can now listen to it whenever I want like a podcast but unlike a podcast I can look and learn from the examples over and over again. It also gives a classroom feel to it, but without the class in general. Ha Ha Ha... It also contained allot of bloopers. Ha ha ha. You got me confused for a second until you corrected yourself. That made me laugh so much Mr. K. ha ha ha. The links that you gave us were also helpful in helping me complete the exercises as well. Well DONE Mr. K. Way to... MAKE UP A CLASS ONLINE!!! Ha ha ha. Ok. That's all of my input that I can give. My only complaint is that your missing your most prestige saying at the end of the video podcast. "Have a great weekend and go out and commit random acts of kindness" Ha Ha Ha. Ok. That's my 10 cents for ya plus a nickel. HA HA HA.

Grey-M said...

Yes that was extremely helpful. Had it mostly figured just by plotting stretches and reflections on my calculator but this solidified my findings. I think this is a powerful tool as long as you can get the sound in sync for any of these that you do in the future as it is a tidbit confusing having the delay. So thx Mr. K and have a good Sunday.

aichelle s. said...

oh wow kay! yeah that's brilliant an online lesson ! haha woo! that's great I think you should do this if you forget to teach us something in class like if we run out of time! I think that might even save us classes if we do that! umm I think I understand how to do this...hopefully! and I was just wondering do we get our tests back tomorrow?

«Craig» said...

WOW! I found this as helpful as a full hour of Math. It's a brilliant way to teach. For some reason I think Mr. K. may be calling in sick a little more often. LOL!!!