Monday, February 5, 2007

Legendary Bloggers: Scribers Unite.

Wow... Blogger... It's been so long...
I remember the last time I blogged...
Well anyways... I am the first Scribe. YEAH I'M THE FIRST SCRIBE!!!


Well ok... First of all It's like 9:00 in the morning and I show up to Mr. K's class thinking... OMG. What the he double hockey sticks am I doing here...

... Without a calculator. Furthermore. I'm in Mr. K's Class again... So ok. First thing we did in the long morning was wait for Mr. K. Ha Ha Ha. Surprisingly enough. He comes in with a shiny new projector and a surprisingly new course outline. I'm like ohhh... great.

(Right click and View Image to view)

So he goes through the outline talking about the most important points and telling some great stories along the way. Then he talks about the math dictionary. Or I talked about it. And Vincent. Ha Ha Ha Well he reminds us to bring a math dictionary. Namely a Hilroy one which you can get for as little as 49 cents a notebook plus tax at your local Staples. Ha Ha Ha.

Next thing you know he gives us the number 6 and tells us to Look for the factors of 6 with by the way is 1, 2, 3, and 6. In which he gives us the soul purpose of the math dictionary which is that it is a place where we write down our notes in order to remember how to do work that we learned in class when we do our homework. This is because of the learning curve.

The learning curve is the... I'll just show you.

Then he goes through the blog, and the shocking video (shown down below) and the bell rings and life goes on... ...until the afternoon.


Well after a hard day of shocking drama and forgoing classes which I can not comprehend... We come to the final period of the day aka. The afternoon class. Which by the way is every other day. Yeah....

Well we come in and
OMG he's PODCASTING US... Shocked. Ok. Back down to business.. He goes and writes some questions on the board.

While were doing answering these questions he showed talked about the legendary


(For a more elaborate intake on Mr.K's Story go here)

After that he gave us the answers

Afterwards he asked the question: Is Sisyphus was a Victim, Villain or Hero? You can answer that in the comments. Ha ha ha. Personally I think he was a Victim of his own self for what he done and what he was punished to do.

Mr K also mentioned Mentors were coming out to help us. One from Ohio and one from Michigan.

He then asked us a question: Why are there 360ยบ in a circle?
There are two possible reasons. One is the Ancient Sumerians caused it so because of how they set up the clock system with the number 60 or Mr. K's way of thinking that the factors of 360 are... Er.. Ahh too many factors.

Well to get straight to the point... Welcome to our unit of Circular Functions. Today we are learning about converting Degrees into Radians.

Hint: The circumference of a circle = 2pieR regardless of the radians of of the circle.

He also gives us a weird geometry set story... based on the geometry triangles whitch in fact results in... he didn't fininsh the story yet... Sadness... Well anyways, in theses triangles are angles. The angles 30, 45, 60, and 90 are the most important angles. This it because it turns our degree/radian circle into this...

He gives us questions of Radian/Degree converting and calls it a day.

Homework Exercise 1 (plus the stuff he just posted on exercise 1)
Give exact values by leaving the answers in Fractions. YOU WILL LOSE .5 to 1 mark because of this.
Bring your math dictionary TO CLASS.
Bring coloured Pencils TO CLASS
Have 12 pencils... Bring 2 TO CLASS - lol
Don't be late for tomorrows morning class

THE NEXT SCRIBE IS Vincent... J/K Grey-M AKA Graeme (cause he asked first...) Hahaha. Sorry Vincent...


vincentr said...

who s the next scribe? HHAA

John D. said...

Who's the next scribe den?

Kasiaw said...

next scribe? And way to go on the first scribe! Score! Just a reminder to go and edit that because there are a few minor errors (not with the math) and the entire world will be reading this! No pressure orchard. tee hee see you tomorrow!

vincentr said...

Hey I wanted to be the scribe! Because there's no school so I could make it all fancy!!! Just kidding! HAHA. kk Maybe next time! So, it's Graeme. PS, I hate it how I have to type in my email and password because they're too long! HAHA

vincentr said...

I suddenly noticed that the time we post scribes is two hours behind the CentralTime zone. I think.

aichelle s. said...

haha wow and yes nice scribeage!

Ricky said...

Thanks Guys. Scribeer 4 life

tim said...

great start.

Richard S. said...

i can't send email to mr. k what will i do?? and how can i make scribe??

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Richard. My email address is: