Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scribe Post

Hello everyone, I'm the scribe for today and I thought that I'd wrap this up as soon as possible before I forget. I haven't blogged since last year so I'm getting used to everything besides typing everything. This morning's and afternoon's class were very interesting in my opinion as we were preparing for the unit test which has been moved to Monday.

This morning's class Mr. K briefly praised Bertman's very well done scribe post. Probably everyone enjoyed it except me since he left a note saying that I was the next scribe. Soon after that, we continued with the matters at hand and had another quiz on Circular Functions. I on my part came prepared, but wasn't prepared for the questions that lied before me. But the majority of the class did fairly well and I congratulate those who did exceedingly better. It was basically a straight forward class. After the quiz, Mr. K explained in detail the solutions to the problems. What surprised me was that there wasn't any "smartboard" jokes unlike the previous day.

After all that work, we came to class expecting even more. And of course we did. But there was some good news during this class. Our test has been moved to Monday due to a class vote. If I remember clearly, we are to head to the library on Monday instead of going to his classroom. After his brief explanation we were given the Circular Function's Pre Test. The last step towards the actual test itself. Luckily we were able to use our calculators for this test. Too bad someone else had my calculator. Anyways after the 30 minutes or so we were given to finish the test, Mr. K again explained the solutions to the questions on the test. The most troublesome question was most likely question 5.

First off, rearranging the equation would be a good start. Anyhow, we can see clearly that 5(pi)/3 = b of the standard equation of a trig function. Therefore by reducing 2(pi)/5(pi)/3 we are left with 6/5. (Multiplying 2(pi) with the reciprocal of 5(pi)/3)

Since the amplitude is 20 and that the D of the standard trig equation is 100 we simply add and subtract 100 to get the max and the min.

I wish I could explain everything more in details but this is my limit so don't laugh! Don't let the Bleach pics throw you off, I put them up to fill in the empty spaces. All images were made using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and pictures were found on Google. I hope you enjoy this. Really nothing much left to cover up. But a reminder that the unit test has been moved to Monday and it's not tomorrow. Scribe for tomorrow is Kasiaw, haha have fun.


Tim_MATH_y said...

Nice effort, nice pictures! HAHA

Ricky said...

Yes I agree. OMG BLEACH. Has anyone seen episode 115 yet???? Hahahah. Just shouting it out. Haha.

e said...

JoJo Rocks,

I liked your post. Lots of personality shined through :) I hear you're thinking it wasn't a good post. Hmm. Maybe there wasn't much to write about? You should blame it on the class :) Don't tell Mr.K I said that. Next time make sure you get to be the scribe when new material is covered, so you can dazzle us all.